Laff-N-Lyon Ranch

We have been building the Laff ‘N’ Lyon Ranch for 20 years. It is now time to share our Ranch with people searching for a unique, private and relaxing experience with horses, dogs and the abundant wildlife on the property. Disconnect to Reconnect while on the Ranch. 

The horse herd includes a variety of horses from newborns to mature and wise. We have all shapes and sizes from tiny to tall. The Ranch is home to 3 dogs that love to ride along the trails, help with chores, pester the wildlife and relax by a campfire. 

20 years OF FAMILY FUN!

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“Great people who know their stuff. You won't find a more pleasant way to ride through the countryside or town.”

One-Week Horse Driving Experience

STARting at $600

The week will include learning  how to harness and hitch draft horses and ponies to a select variety of horse drawn equipment, utility carts and show carts. 

Off-Site Special Event Horse & Wagon Services

STARting at $350


A flashy team Spotted Draft horses Sam and Suzie adorned with bold black and red harnesses to match the wagon can be hired by the hour to provide wagon rides for your special event. 

Wagon & Sleigh Rides on the Ranch

STARting at $20/person

The onsite wagon and sleigh rides can be customized to include a ride along country roads or a slower paced ride through our private forest on the more primitive trails. The sleigh rides take place through the pine forest and are available when the trails are covered with snow. 

Glamping on the Ranch

STARting at $65/night for four people

Two sixteen foot, canvas yurt-style tents, sleep four. Two fold out standard futons. Campsites are supplied with firewood, picnic table and battery operated lantern. There is a shared primitive bathroom and campsite is nestled in a fern covered forest. 




Ranch Services

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